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Keauhou Bay Sup Tour

Quick Details


Kona’s Ultimate Stand-Up Paddle Board Adventures!

You’re being called to explore your deeper connection with the sea and all of its wonders! Feel the winds of freedom grace you as you embark on a personal journey with the ocean. On this exclusive paddle boarding trip you will  discover the sublime features of Keauhou Bays turquoise blue waters and lush green foliage and abundance of marine life one on one! 

Experience the Ocean in a whole new Light

If you search for the definition of “pure bliss” I’m almost positive that paddle-boarding will come up first! 

The limits of what you can do on a paddle board are close to endless. From surfing to having a two person picnic even bringing your child along the ride with you it’s totally fine because paddle boarding is for everyone! (but please leave all furbabies on shore because they are not real children 😉)

Our experienced guides will lead you on your journey through the  breath taking waters of Keauhou Bay. As you take in the glorious view of the island from your paddle board the lead guides will fill you in on some history of the island and knowledge of the marine life. You will visit secret coves and tide pools where dolphins often frequent the area and they are super cute and friendly! You might find a turtle having some algae for a nice snack or some eels camouflaging in the reef below waiting for a fish to swim by and have a good meal (eels are excellent cooks). 

Reserve your spot today and get ready to create a memory you will treasure more than a pirate who found the X mark. Or keep it simple? Reserve your spot today and get ready to create a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

What Else Do I Need To Know? 

Good question! Well here’s a few things you might find useful when you come out on tour with us: 

  • Paddle boarding is for EVERYONE …ages 10+
  • The trip will go no longer than 2-3 hours
  • The sun is always right so don’t try to fight it  bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Please come swim ready with a set of dry clothes for after.
  • We will provide instructions on how to get the best use and fun out of your paddle board so no prior experience is needed. 

What are you waiting for let’s get you on that paddle board! Book Today!